18 déc. 2016

Wild by nature / Sauvage par nature

Un magnifique livre d'une suisse romande explorant des parties du monde à pied. Magnifiques récits et aventures. Disponible en Français, Anglais. Dernier livre échangé en auberge de jeunesse... une superbe découverte. Cliquez sur le lien en dessous de la photo pour en apprendre un peu plus ;D

Wild By Nature (English) - Sarah Marquis, Suisse

" I always navigate by instinctively finding my position in the landscape. For reasons I don't really understand, I can find north without a compass or GPS. From there, the sun helps me find east and west, while the south is obvious. A recent study demonstrates that a few nights of camping are enough to reset your internal clock and reduce your level of stress.
As for me, I understood very early that it was imperative that I understand my body and that I take care of it. Staying healthy often translates into respecting our body's rhythm and constantly repositioning in order to find balance. There's a way to say healthy while staying far from doctors. It relies on an action that we all do, and better yet, it's free : we must sleep, sleep as long as our body tells us to. Three-quarters of the population watches television before going to sleep, and thirty percent of us regularly take sleep aids. To stay connected to my environment when I'm not on expedition, I always sleep according to nature's rhythm. I don't close my curtains, so I wake up naturally with the first light of day. Everything functions in the same rhythm, all of nature : animals, tides, the moon, etc.
For reasons that still escape me, we arrogantly assume that we're detached from nature. And yet, everything is plainly before our eyes. No one told us a story about the existence of the moon, the sun, the tides, the night, the day - it's all right in front of us !
The key word is balance. Our bodies and spirits need to find our life's sustaining light. But how? I suggest small changes, one step at a time. We can guide our life's choices, our life's places, and consequently, our activities. We need to stop "pre washing" our brains with images emitted by a cathode ray tube before going to bed.
Instead, let's listen to our bodies breathe, let's take a few conscious steps per day, let's smile, let's spend a few minutes looking at the clouds, greet a passerby, touch the bark of a tree. You see what I'm saying, nothing too complicated or costly. The only luxury that I see is time.

You don't have the time ? .... "

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